Textbook Version – This course covers the importance of disability income insurance. It looks at policy provisions, difference between personal and group coverage. Social Security Disability benefits are covered in detail. It examines the various uses of disability income insurance for personal and business uses. Disability income insurance helps consumers to protect against the risk of disability.


 Exam Proctor Requirements: Self-study final exams must be monitored by a disinterested third party. Proctors may not serve for examinations of family members, relatives, or dependents; employers or supervisors; employees or subordinates; co-workers; current or former teachers or pupils; personal friends, or significant others; or for anyone in whom the monitor has an economic or other interest in assuring the successful outcome of the examination. Proctors that can be approved by the Department are professionals such as an attorney, minister, accountant, librarian, or a teacher from a local high school or college.

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