Online Version – This comprehensive insurance course explores and details the different types of products and situations involving life insurance along with their many applications when it comes to individual, family, and business needs. Your course covers term, permanent, adjustable, universal, and variable life insurance along with the numerous variations within each category. It outlines and teaches the many uses of life insurance, both personal and business. In addition, your course explains the income and estate taxation of life insurance along with an extensive discussion of payout options, policy loans, premiums, withdrawals, dividends, cash surrenders, and accelerated death benefits concepts.

Alabama Proctor Requirements:

The examination must be administered by an impartial third-party proctor, who must sign an affidavit attesting to the fact that the student received no outside assistance in the completion of the final examination. The proctor cannot be a friend, relative, or co-worker of the licensee, nor anyone with a financial interest in the success of the licensee taking the examination. Proctors that can be approved by the Department are professionals such as an attorney, minister, accountant, librarian, or a teacher from a local high school or college. Self-study and online courses must include an appropriate testing instrument requiring a grade of seventy (70) percent or higher to successfully complete the course.


Course Curriculum

Life Fundamentals 06:00:00
Life Fundamentals Final Exam 03:00:00
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