Iowa CE Courses

Life Insurance


Indexed Products Training in IA (6-Hours, Online)

This course focuses on the different types of  index insurance products: Life,  and Equity Index annuities.  Topics cover the traditional products as well as index products. This mandated course  is required to sell any index product in Iowa.

Long Term Care Partnership – IA (8-Hours, Online)

Online Version – This Long Term Care Partnership course applies to most states except California, Connecticut, Indiana and New York. …

Annuities – IA (15-Hours, Textbook)

Textbook Version – This course covers the working of, types, advantages, and disadvantages, features of fixed rate, variables, and investment …

Annuity Suitability – IA (4-Hours, Online)

Online Version – National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) developed a model law on Annuity Suitability.  As part of that …

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