Required Viatical Training in IL (4-Hours, Textbook)


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Textbook Version – There is a training and registration requirement for resident producers and business entities that operate as a Viatical Settlement Broker. The life licensee must be licensed for at least one year and complete a  four-hour training course, and submit the Viatical Settlement Brokers application and $500.00 registration fee.  This course can be applied to the producer’s continuing education requirement. Upon completion of this course you will be presented with a certificate of completion, retain the original certificate for your records. Further, residents must complete a four hour course on Viatical Settlement prior to renewing their Broker’s license.

Resident and Non-resident Business Entity Viatical Settlement Brokers:
Each entity operating as a Business Entity Viatical Settlement Broker must first obtain a license from this Department by submitting a Viatical Settlement Broker Business Entity application and a registration fee in the amount of $500.00. The designated responsible producer must be licensed as an insurance producer with the life line of authority for at least one year and be licensed as a viatical settlement broker in this State

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