Indexed Products Training in IA (6-Hours, Online)


This course focuses on the different types of  index insurance products: Life,  and Equity Index annuities.  Topics cover the traditional products as well as index products. This mandated course  is required to sell any index product in Iowa.

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This course focuses on the different types of insurance products: Fixed, Equity Index and Variable.  Common features of index products are reviewed in detail. It exams the annuity contract provisions in detail as well as common features of each type of annuities.  In addition, it identifies and covers index strategies and issues.  Course examines advantages and disadvantage of annuities.  Other products covered include fixed index life, traditional permanent life plans, and variable life.  Suitability and practices are covered in detail as well as topics of special interest to seniors and new developments in index products. Reporting fees are included in the price

This course meets the continuing education mandates for Iowa to sell index products.