Long Term Care Partnership 8-Hour Required – IL (8-Hours, Online)


Online Version – This course covers Long Term Care in detail. It looks at the need for LTC insurance, provides of care, service offered by the government including Medicare, Medicaid, VA, alternatives to insurance, traditional, LTC policies, tax qualified policies and the new LTC Partnership This course meets the requirements of NAIC Model Law as required under Deficit Reduction Act of 2005.

Note: Any Producer who sells or solicits Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance in Illinois must have obtained a producer license with the Health line of authority and have completed the Long Term Care (Partnership) certification course.

Resident Producers are required to complete a one-time training course of no less than eight (8) hours. Upon completion of the Long Term Care (Partnership) course the Producer will be presented with a certificate of completion. The Producer will need to retain the original certificate in their files as the Department will not have a permanent record of this required course. Further, the Producer is required to complete ongoing training of no less than four (4) hours and must be completed before each subsequent renewal. Failure to complete subsequent ongoing training prior to license renewal, the producer will have 12 months from that license renewal date to complete the ongoing training without having to complete the 8 hour course again.

Resident Producers may also apply the LTC hours to their Continuing education requirements for renewal..