Update 1-Hour Webinar on Annuity Suitability & Best Interest

For those that completed the prior Annuity Suitability  4-hour course, you have the opportunity to complete 1 hour update on the changes in the law.   They are required to complete their insurer’s training on their annuity products. Here are the states where the 1-hour webinar is currently available the date that it expires:

  • Alabama** 1 hour Webinar expires on 1-1-2022
  • Arkansas* 1 hour Webinar expires on 1-1-2022
  • Delaware* 1 hour Webinar expires on 2-1-2022
  • Nebraska* 1-hour Webinar expires on 1-1-2022
  • Virginia**   1 hour Webinar expires on 3-1-2022

The following states now require all producers to complete the new 4-hour course on Annuity Suitability & Best Interest:

  • Idaho*
  • Iowa*
  • North Dakota *

* We offer 4-hour online & 1 hour update webinar .

** Courses Pending