What is a disability rider on a life insurance policy?

If the applicant selects to add a disability rider,  the insurance company will pay the premiums on the policy if  the disability claim approved.  The insured needs to be disability for period of time as outlined in the rider.  It is the responsibility of the insured to notify the insurance company or agent of this disability.  The insurance company will send out a claim form for  the insured to fill out and a section for their primary physician to complete.  Once that is received back, the insurance starts their review.  If the claim is approved, the insurance company will notified the insured.  From the time the claim is filed and until the claim is approved, the insured is responsible for making premium payments.   The insurance company may request a update from the doctor every 6 or 12 months to check if the insured is still disabled.  Disability would have to start prior to some age (example 60 or 62) and the premium charged for that rider would end at that point as well.