Can I get licensed if I am a convicted felon?

The following information covers this topic in general terms.  Illinois will consider licensing convicted felons in some cases.  Those standards can be found in Section 2403.30 under Director of Insurance, Hearings and Review.  As a general rule, individuals that have been convicted of a violent crimes or sex offenders, crimes involving insurance, fraud, or considered untrustworthy are unlikely to get an insurance license.  Individuals are encouraged to provide facts  including court records to the Department of Insurance for review before spending money on classes or taking the insurance examinations.

Here are the factors in determining if an individual gets licensed.

1. Nature of the crime- Just depends of the crime.

2. Time elapsed since the conviction- Longer the better

3. Absence of criminal conduct since conviction. Keeping out of trouble is good

4. Pattern of criminal activity.  If none since conviction that is a good thing

5. Restitution to the victim is huge.

6. Proper disclosure.  Hiding past criminal activity does not reflect well.

7. Success completion of sentence and probation.  Failure to do so, reflects badly for the applicant

8. Rehabilitation.  Community service or charitable activities serve as proof of change in the person

9. Nature of the work being performed.  Someone working in a call center and does not handle money has a good chance of getting licensed

10. Any other facts.  Letters of recommendation addressed to Director are helpful.