Annuity Suitability & Best Interest 1 HR Update Webinar

NOTE: Only producers who have previously taken the 4 Hour NAIC Annuity Suitability course are eligible for this webinar.

Producers who have not taken the 4 HR course will need to take the New NAIC Annuity Suitability & Best Interest 4 Hour Course, which can be found following this link:


With the changes in NAIC Model Law 275 that has been adopted by this state, the course covers those changes as well as covering annuities in detail. Topics to be covered are types of annuities, parties to the contact, contract provisions found in annuities, income tax aspects of annuities at accumulations and distributions, uses of annuities, It will also cover the marketing of annuities, new disclosure requirements, best interest of the client, level of care, safe harbor, exemptions, training and improved supervision by the insurance companies.





Feb 22 2023


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm