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Life Insurance, DI & Annuities Fundamentals – MO (16-Hours, Online)


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Online Version – This course covers term, permanent, adjustable, universal, and variable life insurance along with the numerous variations within each category. It outlines and teaches the many uses of life insurance, both personal and business. . The disability income information in this course is designed to review and teach you about the features of the various types of disability insurance options and non-insurance specific programs, as well.  In the annuity section, the annuity concept is detailed and explained as to what an annuity is and how it works. The fundamentals of the accumulation and payout phases of annuities are discussed. Settlement options are explained along with their most common uses being covered. This section also discusses taxation of annuities.  It covers the different types of annuity contracts and the characteristics of each of the fixed, variable and equity indexed varieties. Whether you are a newer producer or a veteran, we’re confident that you will gain new insight into this critical area for Americans as well as brush up on current info and details pertinent to this area of your expertise.