What are the licensing fees in Illinois?

Original license applications and renewals can be done at the National Insurance Producer Register. Insurance license are issued for a two year period and expire on the last day of the producer’s birth month.  There is a $5.00 processing fee.

Insurance producer  & Limited Lines  licenses fees are $215.00*

To re-instate a expired license, the producer must complete a new application and paid a fee of $430.00.

Nonresident Limited Lines license fee is $200.00

Nonresident producers license fee is $380.00

Car Rental Limited Line license fee is $180.00

Temporary license fee is $50.00 and paid by the insurer.

Business Entity license fee is $150.00 and expire on May 31 biannually


*”A licensing fee is prorated if the total days of licensing granted to the applicant is less than a full two (2) years or seven hundred and thirty (730 days) as determined by the assigned expiration date, which is final day of the applicants birth month two (2) years in the future. If the license is issued for a full two (2) years or seven hundred and thirty (730) days, there is no prorating and the normal fee applies. Total length of license granted will be no less than eighteen (18) months and no more than twenty-nine (29) months.” (https://nipr.com/rules_il_rl.htm)