Insurance licensing

What do I need to sell Hospital Indemnity & Telemedicine policies?

If you are selling Hospital Indemnity products and Telemedicine you do need to have an Accident and Health license.

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Does the State of Illinois offer a finance plan for renewal license fee?

No the State of Illinois does not offer a payment or financial plan. For example: If the individual in question …

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How to locate a lost Illinois Insurance policy.

If the policy was written in the State of  Illinois then an individual can contact the Illinois Department of Insurance. …

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Can I carryover my Illinois ethics classroom credits?

No, Illinois does not allow carryovers for classroom ethics.  It does allow up to 12 credit hours over to the …

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I have a Texas general line-Life, Accident &Health license and moved into Illinois last week. Can I transfer my license to Illinois?

Illinois issues insurance licenses for Life, Accident & Health, Casualty, Fire (Property) and personal lines.  Since you have a Texas …

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